Saturday, January 30, 2010

Types of Braids

I have 5 different types of braids. In the photo below you will see the following:

1. 4 Strand Round Braid
2. Flat Braid
3. Round Braid
4. 4 Strand Braid
5. 3 Strand Braid

Dog Leashes

This photo is two dog leashes that I have made for people. They have the flat braid at the top to hold onto, and the 4 strand braid on the bottom. These can be slipped over your dog's neck, or you can clip it to their collar, whichever you prefer. I have also made one for coon hunting. I will post it soon.

The leashes start at $15. The price will rise depending on how much string needed.

Key Chains

These keychains are $5 each. If you are interested I can do them in any colors you would like.

Custom Lanyards

The lanyards can also all be made in any type of braid I do. I have made several with bright colors (like red, royal blue, neon green, neon pink)and then others that are more traditional with camoflauge, black, brown, tan. I can get just about any color you would like, so I'd be happy to accomidate your wants and needs.

Custom Order Braid

Flat Braid Lanyard

Round Braid Lanyard

4 Strand Braid Lanyard

3 Strand Lanyard


I make two different types of haulers. In the picture above you will see one with a clip and another that you can sling around your neck or over your shoulder. I charge between $15-25 depending on the number of drops, length, and type of braid you want on each side. I will be happy to discuss this with you and we can decide what you would like best.